How it all began

Hi Everyone and welcome to my U Journal page. My name is Dee and I'm living in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and two children. 

Its scary to openly say this but I've suffered with anxiety from a young age. After years of trying to work out what triggered this anxiety my Councillor and I agreed that I was just a born worrier. Even as a child I would worry about school, my health, my family... it seemed never ending and got worse as I grew older. Resulting in severe panic attacks in my early 20's and a new journey of trying to 'fix' myself. I have thankfully learnt to live with anxiety and even use it as a positive to achieve those things I didnt think possible almost 20 years ago! Unfortunately as a child and young adult anxiety and mental health was a taboo subject that people didnt talk about and myself and thousands of others suffered in silence. As a mother now to my two beautiful children and aunty to several nieces and nephews it became more and more important to me that young people wouldnt suffer the same fate and that they would always realise the importance of positive mindfulness, self-care and most importantly asking for help... and the idea for U Journal was born.

Me with my inspiration behind U Journal XX